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Spring Creek Muleys

Welcome to Spring Creek Muleys....



If you want to hunt the 2022 Season with us contact Outfitter

Jerry Vogel 602-471-0799

Sean Vogel 623-205-4301

[email protected]


Please See Rates and Services for prices for 2022

2022 Drawing Application Period

January 27, 2022 through March 3, 2022

Anyone born after 1965 must have passed an approved state hunter course from any state, before obtaining a Utah Hunting License. Or you can obtain a Temporary Hunter Safety Card on the Utah Wildlife Website


Hunting Trophy Size Mule Deer is an exciting experience. On our private properties a large number of Mule Deer can be found. Spring Creek Muley's has 4 Ranches that are all located in Monticello, Utah farm country. The ranches are located in the southeastern corner of Utah, Hunt Unit number 14A.

Spring Creek Muleys Outfitters specializes in mule deer. We have access to 4 ranches, there is seven thousand acres of private land. You will be hunting in one of the most sought after hot spots in Monticello, Utah. We take a very limited amount of hunters on each hunt, with a limit of 2 archery hunts and 1 muzzleloader hunt each year. All hunts are for a full 5 days of hunting, arrival and leave dates are included in the price, your lodging and food is also included.

Spring Creek Muleys hunts are on private property only. The Outfitter/Guide will be available each day to assist you during the hunt. Because of the amount of deer on the ranches it is not necessary to have a side by side guide with you while hunting, reducing movement/scent, letting you hunt the way you want.

The elevation ranges from 6,900 ft. to 7,200 ft., the properties consists of hay fields, wheat fields, food plots, oak brush, and bedding areas. The terrain consist of draws, washes, and pastures, and the terrain is mostly flat. The weather during the day can reach up to 80 degrees during the archery season and 70 degrees during the muzzleloader season and can get as low as 40 to 50 degrees at night. Hunters have the most success ambushing, spot and stock the deer coming to and from the fields, Quad Pod, Tripod, Ladder Stand and Ground Blind can be used, all these are provided for you, or you can bring your own stand. The Mule Deer are active primarily in the early morning and late in the evening and prefer to bed down in the thick cover during the day. The Mule Deer are moving from the fields in the morning to the bedding areas and then leaving their bedding areas in the afternoon and returning to the fields where they stay all night. The abundant alfalfa and wheat fields supply them year round with a constant food supply.

Lodging and food accommodations are provided at one of the Beautiful Mountain Canyonlands Lodge, located 12 miles south from Monticello, Utah. Go to Canyonlands Lodging to view the lodges. You will be pampered during your stay, no more sleeping in the rain, wet cloths and being cold. There is a laundry room on site, as well as showers with hot water in each room. All your meals will be provided by Sean and Jerry Vogel. Continental Breakfast, full breakfast will be served when the hunters return from the morning hunt. Lunch consists of sandwiches, soup, and chips. Dinner will be served when the hunters return from the field. Dinner consists of Home Style Meals; Steak, Chicken, Pork, Beef, and Pasta.

There are no hidden or additional charges and no trophy fees.