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Spring Creek Muleys

Welcome to Spring Creek Muleys....

Contract & Rules

Spring Creek Muleys Mule Deer Hunt Release of Liability

This Form is Valid until revoked in writing. The form is to be read and signed by the participant. 

I am the person reading and signing below, who is participating in the 2022 Utah Mule Deer Hunt. I am submitting this agreement on my behalf. In no way does this contract or any articles herein guarantee or promise the below undersigned a kill or a shot during the hunt, that this is not a contract for personal services for an individual guide. It is fully understood and agreed that various hunting methods, strategies, and field activities will be used and that this is not a fully guided hunt, and the hunter will be given access to the private ranch properties. This is not a contract for constant physical side by side accompaniment. The Outfitter is licensed by the State of Utah and is insure by Outdoor Insurance Group.

The Lodging includes all meals, sleeping arrangements will be provided. The property is approximately 12 miles north of the lodge, if you drove be prepared to drive to and from the ranch daily. Transportation to and from nearby designated commercial airports and the hunting property for hunters flying into hunt will be provided at a small cost, this needs to be arranged 30 days prior to arrival. If a rental car or a motel is needed at any time it will be the responsibility of the hunter.

Hunting activities involve certain inherent risks of lose, injury, and illness. Each hunter assumes that risk of loss, injury, illness, and this includes but not limited to poisonous snakes, insects and spiders, and driving and walking conditions. The hunter assumes all such dangers, risk, and hazards. Furthermore, each hunter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Spring Creek Muleys, Outfitter/Guide Jerry Vogel (Gerald), Jerry's Sports Shop, Sean Vogel, Gary Halls and properties, Craig Halls/Bailey and properties, Reagan Bronson and properties, Washburn Enterprise Inc. properties, Canyonlands Lodging/Blue Mountain Lodge, and any individual to those listed, including the State of Utah and the United States of America from any and all liabilities, cost, claims, and demands whatsoever including costs of any legal action, including reasonable attorney's fees.

Spring Creek Muleys and Outfitter Jerry Vogel relies on that you are a hunter and have sufficient knowledge and hunting skills and abilities for the type of hunt you have booked, along with intimate knowledge of the operation of the weapon that you are using, and that you are in good physical condition. Before the hunt all physical limitations or health problems must be made known to Outfitter/Guide Jerry Vogel.

If a medical emergency should arise during your activities at any time while you are participating during the hunt, you authorize the individuals listed above to take whatever actions or measures necessary to make sure that you the hunter is provided with emergency medical treatments, including hospitalization to said individual when advisable, in order to protect the well-being and health of said individual. The hunter must assume all responsibility for such condition and hold Outfitter/Guide Jerry Vogel and any person or persons listed above harmless of liabilities as described above.

The Undersign acknowledges that they are paying for services to hunt on private properties leased by Outfitter Jerry Vogel and that the undersign is not being charged nor has paid for any services on any State of Utah's public land areas. Outfitter Jerry Vogel accepts no responsibility for the actions of the undersign while hunting outside the properties leased by Outfitter Jerry Vogel.

In participating, I am the person listed below and specifically grant permission for Spring Creek Muleys, Outfitter Jerry Vogel, Hardcore Pursuit TV,, to use my likeness, name, and words in newspaper, magazines, websites, TV, and any other media sources in any form, for the purpose of advertising.

No Hunter shall claim for any damages for personal property that occurred during their stay with Outfitter Jerry Vogel, Canyonlands Lodge/Blue Mountain Lodging, nor a recovery be made for incidental damages or consequential damages caused during their stay. The undersign shall pay for any damages they may have caused directly or indirectly while staying at the Canyonlands Lodge or hunting on said previously listed private property.

A deposit represents a reservation of space that is then unavailable to another hunter and the deposit is not refundable. In the event of a cancellation the hunter must provide a written notice or notification at least 60 days before the Utah permit application deadline. The hunter will receive 100% refund if they can find a replacement hunter, if a replacement hunter is not obtained, the hunter may apply their deposit to the following year and the agreed upon current years price shall apply. If the hunter receives a unsuccessful draw notice from the state of Utah, the hunters deposit and or payments will be fully refunded.


Our hunts will not be prorated if you filled your tag before your hunt has concluded, or the hunter must leave before the expiration of their hunt, inclement weather, or any other reasons beyond the control of Outfitter Jerry Vogel.

If the hunter is unwilling to abide by or violates any of the Outfitter Jerry Vogel and the Utah Division of Wildlife rules and statues either written or verbal, by the terms of this contract and the sole discretion of Jerry Vogel, the hunter(s) will be asked to leave and the hunt cancelled with no refund.

No animal is to be gutted or cleaned on the private properties unless the remains are bagged and removed. Game Care, Meat Processing, and Taxidermy Preparation is the hunter's responsibility. After a kill, the deer must be tagged immediately, and it is a violation to waste any portion of the meat.



1. When hunting all hunters must obey all Utah Game Laws and all Rules.

2. The hunter is required to be in possession the appropriate hunting license and permit.

3. Hunters are allowed to shoot one animal on the private property.

4. All hunters must conduct themselves in a civil and orderly manner, practice good hunting ethics, weapon safety, and observe all hunting and Lodge rules.

5. The hunter must adhere to at all times Utah Division of Wildlife Rules and Statues pertaining to hunting and safety. The hunter accepts all responsibilities for any violations of any Utah Division of Wildlife Regulations and Statues.


7. Hunters will follow the landowner requests and the Outfitter Instructions.

8. Hunting on the private land the hunter is asked to take clean and ethical shots.

9. Coyote hunting can be done during and after a hunters hunt, no coyote calling is permitted on the private property hunt. A Coyote is not considered a game animal.

10. No consumption of non-prescription drugs at any time. No alcoholic beverages during the hunting hours, alcohol can be consumed in the evening and after the days hunt. Getting intoxicated will not be tolerated and the hunter can be asked to leave.


12. All tree stand hunters must wear required safety harnesses and are responsible to make sure they have them on while in the tree stand.

13. Processing can be done by Colby Cuts, we will have a freezer for your use, or you can donate your deer.

14. Prior to the next day hunt and each evening, each hunter will determine what stand location they will be using, the Outfitter will decide locations if there is a conflict.

15. Hunters are asked not to travel through any stand areas; as this might ruin the possibility of another hunter getting a shot.

16. Please respect all the private property and equipment.

17. No harassing, harming, or shooting at livestock, no destruction of vegetation/crops.

18. Lights and noise will be out at 10:30 pm Utah time every night, If you have already harvested your deer please be respectful to those who still have to get up early and hunt.




I am the person signing and the participant of the Utah 2022 Mule Deer Hunt, I read and fully understand the provisions of the above contract and release and by signing below, I hereby agree, I will be bound thereby and shall defend Outfitter Jerry Vogel and any and all affiliates associated with Outfitter Jerry Vogel for any dis-affirmation and shall not engage directly or indirectly in any slanderous or defamatory activities.



Make check out to: Jerry Vogel email: [email protected]

Jerry Vogel 2109 W. Marco Polo Rd Phoenix, AZ 85027-4135 602-471-0799